I have been working with glass since 1996. I work in a lovely studio my husband and I built on our property along the White Salmon River between White Salmon and Trout Lake, Washington.

My glass is kilnformed from sheets of specially formulated art glass. My finishes are often enhanced by multiple forms of coldworking to apply texture, create a satin finish, or polish. I frequently make vessels of all shapes and sizes but I am moving more into sculptural shapes or work in stands with themes reflecting nature or abstractions that allow me to play with color and texture.

My glass adventure has included training by the masters including Klaus Moje at Pilchuck, Steve Klein, Catherine Newell, Richard LaLonde and others. I use Bullseye Glass exclusively and have taken advantage of many workshops, presentations and events where Bullseye instructors and staff have stimulated my creativity and provided the technical knowledge to advance my work. Through their support I have become confident and even adventuresome in my exploration of glass as an art medium.

I am an active member of the Gorge Chapter of the Oregon Glass Guild and the Glass Art Society. My work is exhibited regularly at the Columbia Center for the Arts Gallery in Hood River, Oregon and in shows and exhibitions in venues including the Dalles Art Center, Maryhill Museum, and the Gathering of the Guilds at the Oregon Convention Center.


Polished Green...reflections!